Throughout our life we experience many “first time” moments that are rarely forgotten, especially when we are talking about the first time chukar hunting -- or rather chasing.

Com’on, we have all heard it: “The first time it’s for fun, but every time after that it’s for revenge.” In case you have not heard this phrase, this unexaggerated feeling was recently experienced by a native Nevadan, Wendy Cadwallader (@wndybirdd), who recently had the opportunity to experience the thrill of chasing chukar when she and some friends loaded up the dogs, grabbed their shotguns, and ventured to the unknown, or rather, an undisclosed, newly discovered chukar spot.

Where were they headed? What canyon? Maybe Noname Canyon. What creek? Maybe Cherry Creek. We will never know. Only those who were loaded up in the truck, only those on that specific hunt as the unwritten Chukar Code took precedence over any social media “likes” or any post-hunting story told. If you are unfamiliar with this Code, one outdoor enthusiast refers to it best as the “Rules of the Spot” (@crazyunclelarry).

Wendy was no different than any other first time Chukar Chaser where this Code was explained to her long before this adventure began and again reminded of this Code before the truck turned off that backcountry road. Wherever the area, the range, the canyon, the creek, this would be a chase she would never forget.

Although Wendy never got a chance to bag a chukar that day, she was instantly hooked after she witnessed all the action. From the dogs working the mountainside, to the views of the untouched picturesque countryside, to hearing the sound of that perfect flush, Wendy was captivated by it all and getting birds would eventually be just a bonus.

When the chase was over and the fun had ended, Wendy knew that the next time out would be for revenge as she proclaimed, “Gosh it was tough, those birds are devil birds but worth every second and I really cannot wait to get back out there.” Until next time...

And that is what it is all about.