We are very excited to announce that the Chukar Chasers Foundation (non-profit status pending) will be hosting a Youth Chukar Hunt on Saturday, September 29, 2018 at the Bullhead Hunting Club in Paradise Valley, Nevada.  This event will be on the same day Nevada's statewide youth chukar season opens. 

Youth Chukar Hunt:

8:30-9am - Check-in, waiver and field assignment;

9-9:45am - Upland 101 (Hunter Education, Safety and Upland Hunting Tips);

9:45am - The Chase Begins: Youth, plus parent/guardian, report to assigned field to check-in with a Chukar Chasers Foundation member and/or volunteer;

  1. Each youth will have two (2) chukar that are planted linearly, roughly 50’ apart;
  2. Each youth will have one (1) game load shell per bird, provided by a Chukar Chasers Foundation Member and/or volunteer;
  3. Each youth will be assigned to a Chukar Chasers Foundation Member and/or volunteer’s birddog (All birddogs will be required to be on a collar and a lead to assist during the hunt. Once the planted chukar is pointed (hopefully) by the bird dog, each youth will have one (1) shot per bird once the chukar flushes (safety will remain on until told otherwise);
  4. A Chukar Chasers Foundation Member and/or volunteer will track number shot for entry into the Chukar Chaser Foundation’s giveaway at the end of the event;
  5. After a youth completes his/her hunt of the two (2) chukar, he/she will then take any downed chukar to the onsite cleaning station. At the cleaning station, he/she will learn how to clean chukar. If a youth does not have any downed chukar, chukar will be available to clean at the cleaning station so that all youth experience how to field dress a chukar.

12-1:00pm - Lunch BBQ and Chukar Chasers Foundation giveaway based on field performance.